Crypto Copyright

With the advent of crypto currencies like Bitcoin it has become possible to securely timestamp information in a decentralized fashion.

Data can be hashed and placed in the Block chain which serves as a proof of the time that data existed.

The proof is due to a tremendous amount of computation performed after the hash was submitted to the block chain.

Breaking the timestamp would also lead to breaking the entire integrity of the digital currency.”Wikipedia


First Altcoin Partnership Awarded

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CryptoCopyright’s Patent Pending Decentralized Digital Timestamping is trusted by leading creative works and content creators such as UAW Pro, Unique Article Wizard and MyArticleExpress via our robust API & clean Management Interface.

Privately funded and in the process of going mainstream with our services, we have been investigating partnerships with various Crypto Currencies and are soon to announce which crypto will be the first to secure our support.

Not only have we been investigating the integrity of the currency network, we have been carefully considering the currencies investors & over all community and its core team members shared goals & values towards future developments and their funding requirements.

We take careful consideration of the communities visions, goals, the underlying technology and market stability throughout our entire selection process. We look forward to announcing our first crypto community partnership, in the very near future.

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