First CryptoCurrency Partnership Awarded is today announces that CryptoCopyright has selected its first Patent Pending Decentralized Digital community network partnership with WhiteCoin and The WhiteCoin Foundation.

backgroundPrivately funded and in the process of going mainstream with their service offerings, CryptoCopyright has been investigating partnerships with various Crypto Currencies for the past 4 months. Evaluating their integrity while carefully considering the currency’s investors, community, and core team members shared goals & values towards future developments. WhiteCoin has been selected to secure the commercial support of CCR, making this a truly unique commercial/community partnership in the CryptoCurrency marketplace.


After months of due diligence, we are excited to announce our selection partner for our Patent Pending Decentralized Digital Timestamping service. Together with the WhiteCoin Foundation and the greater WhiteCoin community, for many compelling reasons.  Having shown extreme dedication to altering the way in which the altcoin market has traditionally been (pump & dump), WC has overcome extreme adversities to emerge as one of the strongest and most resilient altcoins publically available in the market today.” – Jason Arnold, COO


CryptoCopyright is redefining the way businesses can build sustainable and profitable partnerships, with substantial community supported networks. While available to everyone, WhiteCoin is driven by a dedicated community of supporters yet controlled by no one single individual. This attractive combination will help ensure stability, growth, and compelling technological developments.

“We took careful consideration of this community’s visions, goals, technology, development initiatives and market stability, throughout our entire selection process. These key areas were used to ensure that not only would our partnership align with our common interests, but we could positively contribute to the healthy growth of this community byproviding current and future support from our available resources.  We are extremely excited to be partnering with the WhiteCoin Foundation to contribute to a truly revolutionary community, consisting of private, public and governmental sectors.” – Jason Arnold

With each partnership, CCR will be dedicating resources to the community, assisting in driving technological innovations, supporting the efforts of moving developments forward for both the community and public’s best interest.

“Speaking on behalf of The WhiteCoin Foundation,I can honestly say that with this partnership we are now one step closer to satisfying our commitments to not only become a registered foundation in Canada, but to fuel the Community driven developments currently under discussion. WhiteCoin being accepted by CryptoCopyright for its services adds another stamp of approval on our many initiatives. WhiteCoin is becoming a highly sought after organizational and networking asset to public and private enterprises alike.” Chris Salsman – President, The WhiteCoin Foundation

About is a privately held Canadian company with online holdings such as DandyID,, UAW Pro, MyArticleExpress and a multitude of various diverse, online publishing properties. produces creative works for some of the largest private and public companies which service retail and corporate clients throughout the world.  Creative works include articles, blog posts, social profiles, social messaging and website builder content.  Annual creative content creation services exceeded 100,000,000 articles written and distributed to public community publishers, private site owners and small to large businesses around the globe.  With the addition of CryptoCopyright services,’s partners and customers can take comfort in knowing their creative works will be protected according to their specific requirements such as Copyright or Creative Commons protection for all digital works, through its Distributed Digital Trusted Timestamping services. –


About WhiteCoin & The WhiteCoin Foundation

WhiteCoin is a cryptocurrency available to everyone, yet controlled by no one single individual.  The WhiteCoin Foundation is in the process of officially registering in Canada, bringing legitimacy, stability, and a process to better facilitate communications between Government and the CryptoCurrency Industry. “To the media -and most importantly the public- we are no longer simply a virtual group of enthusiasts. We’ve set ourselves apart from the many coins run by groups accountable to no one. The financial markets of the world have been watching and waiting for a group to come forward who is willing to engage with them on terms they can understand. WhiteCoin now stands apart as one of the few actively seeking users outside of crypto spheres on a grand scale, it’s only a matter of time until The WhiteCoin Foundation is looked to as not just a representative of WhiteCoin, but our entire industry.” – Chris Salsman – President, The WhiteCoin Foundation –